attractive, beautiful, beautyPlease.

Please tell me what’s going on
I know something happened
I’m not blind to how you’ve been
I see when you’re trying to hold it together
when you sit by yourself with your earbuds in
when you’re trying to isolate yourself from others so you can “think”
I worry about you nonstop
and you don’t even see
you don’t think anyone cares…
but I do
when no one even notices you rush away quietly
I do
when no one seems to care that you haven’t said a word all night
I do
when no one realizes that you haven’t smiled for weeks
I do


Please just admit it
that you’re lost in a world
full of pain and hurt
look, I’m trying to clear away all the fog
between your worlds of joy and sadness
but it’s hard to help
when you won’t even let me see your face
I miss seeing your smile
hearing your laugh
Now all I can see is that blank expression that masks the pain you feel
The pasted on smile
the lies you answer with when someone asks how you’ve been
The shattered pieces of your heart
the broken shards of who you once were
I try to catch them
to piece them back together again
but you refuse
Your eyes are stained with sadness and hurt
I can tell you’re always thinking about it
you don’t think I know
but I do


Please just show me
how much you’re still hiding
I know you need to get it out
but you won’t open up
and every time I try to help
you turn away
I beg for you to listen
to be yourself again
but you just aren’t the same
and I fear you never will be if you won’t tell someone
You’ve taught yourself to deal with it
how to just play along with happiness and good times
but sometimes I see when it becomes too much and you have to leave
I want to go after you, to tell you it’s alright
That you don’t have to try and hide how hard it is
not with me
because I’m the one you used to always say was like family
but I know you won’t listen to me


Please just let me help you
stop pulling away
you’re breaking me too
when you won’t tell me anything
I thought we were friends
but why won’t you trust me enough to tell my why you’re being like this
you always used to tell me secrets and laugh with me
you’d tell me you loved me
but now you hardly say a word
do you even know how much I care?
do you even notice how worried I am for you?
you’ve not only changed you, you’ve changed me
I can’t smile when I see your tear stained face
I can’t enjoy the moment when I see the thoughts you’re having
I can’t focus when all I can think about is how much you’re hurting


Please just listen to me
I want to help you
you’re letting yourself drown
when there’s a hand to save you
please don’t turn away
I’m begging you to receive love
I’ll admit that I love you
that I’d do anything for you
I’d beat myself before I’d watch you suffer so bad
before I’d watch you suffocate in pain like this
just stop hurting yourself worse than you’ve already been hurt
stop hurting me by leaving when I try to talk to you
stop pulling away when I grab your arm
stop turning away when I tell you that you can always talk to me
stop lying to me when I ask you how you’re really doing
you don’t think I can see through the mask
but I can
you don’t think I can see the pain you’ve been hiding from the people around you
but I can
you don’t think anyone can care about you, or know what you’re feeling
but I can


Please just look me in the eyes
and tell me what’s going on
I’m tired of all you hide
I wish you’d let me help
Stop telling me all the lies
and let me hear the truth
Even if I already know you’ve been hurt
I want to hear you tell me
Even if I already know you’re not okay
I want you to admit it
Even though you may not want comfort, you may not want help
I want to know that you trust me enough to tell me
that you’ll let out the pain you’ve been storing inside


Please at least let someone stronger help you
I know I can’t always do the best job
I can’t always be there
but you haven’t even talked about God for ages
and I see you flinch when he’s brought up
don’t you know he didn’t do this to you?
can’t you see that he’s trying to help you?
I know I can’t always make everything better
but God can
I know I’m trying to fix wounds that only GOD can heal
so please at least let him help you
He’ll pull you out of the pit that you’re sinking in
He’ll rescue you from the grasp of pain
If you’ll only turn to him, and turn to others
He can help you
more than I ever could
But please turn to him
And please let him use me to help you


Please realize that
you need it
I need it
Let me hold you tight
so that I can feel your heart beat again
Let me see the tears you’re ashamed to show
so that I can see the smile that I miss
Let me hear about the pain you’ve hid
so that I can hear the laugh that I miss
Let God help you
so that I can listen to your prayers again
God wants to have you back
I want to have you back.
Because God loves you
and he misses you
and because I love you
and I miss you



Standing in the Rain

Splash of Water

you ask why I’m standing
standing here in the rain
you say that it’s cold and it’s wet
but I already knew that
and I don’t really care
that’s why I so badly need it
I can’t help but wonder
how it can be so
healing just to stand here and feel it
the calmness
the cool touch
the quick rush
of wind
of rain
of hurt
of pain
in that instant it’s all gone
wiped away again
yet you tell me to come inside
because you don’t yet understand the feeling
that I get when I’m standing in the rain

I’m older now
but life has only gotten harder
it’s harder to hang on through the curves
They take you by surprise
when they come and hit you
the twists, the turns, the swerves
it seems like when
I just can’t handle it
God gives me a day
full of breezes and rain
but you come out and ask
yes you always still say
why, why, do you so love the rain?
I tell you that one day
you’ll understand the feeling
that I get when I’m standing in the rain

life hits me hard
and I still keep my secret
my love of the rain and the breeze
only you know
how much it calms me
and how many of my emotions it frees
you’ve seen the tears running
side by side with the rain
and you’ve heard me talk about
how it rids of the pain
and I know that you’ve seen
all the times that I’ve screamed
into the night sky
and to the night breeze
the words I can’t tell anyone else
but the wind carries it all away
it keeps all my secrets
not a one will it tell
and my stress blows away and decays
but through all of this,
no you just can’t understand the feeling
that I get when I’m standing in the rain

I know it’s been hard lately,
harder than ever
and it’s hard to understand why
but day after day
I sit here and watch you
sit here and watch you cry
I wish I could help you
but I every time I try
you tell me you just need some time
and you think I don’t see
day after day
the pain that you try to hide
but just like he does always
God brings you his blessing
and the drops come pouring down
and that’s where I find you
when you’re gone from the house
that’s where you’ve gone now
as I watch you in the rain
I wonder, really wonder
if you understand the feeling
that I get when I’m standing in the rain

it’s been oh so long
since I’ve seen you laughing
or felt a smile on my face
Now that she’s gone,
I know we’ve been trying
to figure out how to continue life’s race
it’ll never be easy
but I know we won’t give up
cause we’ll always be there for each other
no matter what happens
or what ever may come
I’ll never forget my dear mother
you cry with me when
you see me hurting
I comfort you when I can tell
that it’s been a long day
and you try to act fine
but I still know you too well
But just when we need it
the wind starts blowing
and the clouds gather in to cry hard
I grab onto your hand
and pull you out in it
and together we stand in the yard
when the raindrops have washed away our tears
and there’s nothing left to do
I nod and I look
I look over at you,
and I hear you finally say,
“Now I understand the feeling
that you get when you’re standing in the rain”

A Mother’s Love

Mothers Day Background, Mothers Day, Child, Background

The bond between a mother and a child

one so special and sweet

The bond between the one who gave so much

and the little one like me

I know my mom went through hard times

times that were probably my fault

but she still stuck with me

she stuck with me through it all

no matter what life may bring us,

it can never separate

the bond that I share with my mother

all those nights so late

all those crazy busy days

rushing around doing crazy things

my few words of hate

and yours of love

when we’d finally make up

and I’d have to admit

you were always right

It will never separate

the bond that I share with my mother

the times that you’ve given me a back rub

when all you wanted was a nap

or the times that for my birthday

you gave me a giant expensive map

because you knew me so much better

than everyone else

and no matter what was bothering me

you figured out the best way to help

No matter what happens

it will never separate

the bond that I share with my mother

all those times that I questioned

who I really was

you’d show me that God was the answer

From your example through

all that life threw your way

you taught me to come to the alter

to surrender to God

like you always did

and now I know I can make it

and that no matter what happens

nothing can separate

the bond that I share with my mother

you’ve taught me so much

and I’m glad that I have

more time left before I leave for life’s call

but whenever I do

I’ll be ready to

because of what you’ve shown me through it all

and when I someday have my own kids

I’m sure every day you’ll get a call

“Mom, I don’t know how you did it”

But from what you have and will tell me

I hope that one day

my child will say

nothing will ever separate

the bond that I share with my mother

just like I’m saying

Mom, I love you.

And no matter what comes my way

Nothing will EVER EVER separate

the bond that I share with my mother

What is Love?

hands, heart, love

This happy holiday

with pinks and reds

helps some to feel love

and some to feel dread

The look in their eyes

that couple has love

when your dog cuddles with you

then you two have love

and when you give hugs

love is communicated

but also a cheeseburger

strikes up the love inside you

So have you ever wondered

what love really is?

That one word that is put in a box

we’ve shaped it and molded

until it means what we want

but what is love really supposed to be like?

how do we show it?

how do we know?

how can we always feel loved?

What is Love?


Hey everyone! Today I want to tell you a little bit about love and what I believe it to be. I’m not forcing my opinion on you, just telling you what I think.

So like I asked before, what is love?

When I say “LOVE” what is the first thing that pops in your mind? A boyfriend and girlfriend maybe? Or maybe your best friend. Maybe even your mom. Or maybe just a simple picture of a heart or valentine’s card pops into your mind.

What what is love literally?

1. an intense feeling of deep affection

Okay… but what does that mean? It sounds like the love between a couple or someone that’s married… but is that all that love is? Does that mean you can’t say you love your dog anymore? Or that you can’t love a book or love cheeseburgers?

Not at all.

So even I think that the word LOVE in English is pretty confusing, so I’m going to give it to you in a different language. Greek. Please don’t leave yet, it’s not that complicated. Believe me, if I can understand it, I’m sure you can. My (awesome) youth pastor did a series on love, so I will be using my notes from that to lay it out for you. There are four different types. The first is:

  • Phileo (fill-eh-oh)

Now, this is GOOD love!

Phileo love is the love of friendship. That’s a lot easier to understand than English, right? Because if you had a friend that you’d known for a super long time that was a boy, and you wanted to say “I love you”, it might come across wrong if you were JUST FRIENDS. So the love of friendship seems pretty smart to me!

This love would be between you and your closest friends. You have a connection, and you love each other, but not in a romantic way.

The verse that goes with this one is:

Proverbs 18:24 (NIV)

24 One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin,
    but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

We all need good friends to keep us accountable and encourage us.

And my youth pastor gave an example of a Disney character for each kind of love. (which was hilarious and great) So this one’s characters are:

Buzz and Woody from Toy Story! (I personally think Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. would be good too!)

Onto the next love:

  • Storge (store-gay)

Also GOOD love!

So Storge love is natural love. This kind of love would be between a husband and wife, or between you and your dog. And it compels you to do something. So this doesn’t mean that if you really love your husband that you are like “Oh, I GUESS I will do his laundry”. No, it means that if you REALLY love him, it should compel you to NATURALLY do that! It’s part of it.

Same with your dog! (I can actually relate to this one) If you love them, it should be natural for you to take care of them and feed them without doing it grudgingly. That doesn’t mean you will always want to – Believe me, I don’t always want to feed my pigs and dogs, but because I love them, I will take care of them- it’s just part of it. Hopefully that makes sense.

Now how it really works. Storge love is the kind of love we should have with God. See, our relationship with Jesus should COMPEL us to do something. We shouldn’t just enjoy his companionship and not do anything for him. That’s like if we had a dog, and said we loved it, but never pet it, never fed it, never did it’s chores….what’s the point of a relationship like that? So when we say we LOVE God- with Storge love- we are COMPELLED to do something. We should naturally serve Jesus and tell others about him. We must be bold, and do it naturally. If we TRULY love God, it should NOT be hard for us to love others and read our Bible.

I really liked that the youth pastor made a note on this.
(This is ALL information that I heard from my pastor, he gets the credit, not me!)

So for this one the verse is:

2 Corinthians 5:14 (NIV)

14 For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died.

This one really fits with the type of love, talking about how Christ’s love compels us!

So the Disney character for this one is…. *drumroll please*

Dory!!! Perfect, right? Because in the movie “Finding Dory”, she is looking for her parents. Because she loves them and wants to know them, she is COMPELLED to look for them!

Okay, next!

  • Eros (air-ohs)

This is BAD love!

Now I don’t even know if I would call this ‘LOVE’ because it is not good. So Eros love is Selfish, bad love. And it’s often sexual love.

This love wants someone/something because of what they/it can do for you.

It only focuses on MY (the person… Erosing….?) happiness, not others.

It would be like…. A boy liking a girl because she’s pretty, and he wants to be known for having a pretty girlfriend, for his OWN reputation, but he doesn’t really CARE about her.

Again, this is not good love. Do not use others for your own gain.

The verse for this one is:

Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

This verse is REALLY good. I think this one would actually be a good one to memorize.    It is a great reminder as well as demonstration of what the bible says about Eros. So just remember that this is never good love, and you should ALWAYS value others above yourselves, so don’t use others to get what YOU want.

The Disney character for this one is Yzma from “Emporer’s New Groove”.

Quick Review:

Phileo: Love of friendship, good, we need good friends in our lives.

Storge: Love that compels you, good, you have a purpose in this relationship.

Eros: Love that is selfish, bad, do not use others for your gain.

Ending verse for those three:

Proverbs 11:25 (NIV)

25 A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


Now, next is the last and my personal favorite:

  • Agape (uh-gah-pay)

So this love is Unconditional love, and it is always best for the receiver. This is the love God demonstrates to us. This love cannot be earned, and cannot be lost. This love keeps giving even when the receiver is unresponsive, unloving or unkind. So this love isn’t “I only love you if you love me”, it is loving even when the receiver is not.

Agape love is:

Love without expectations- we live life afraid that God is disappointed in us, but he has no expectations of us. No matter what, we will not lose God’s agape love towards us.

Agape love is a choice, not a feeling. It does not think about what it gets in return.

The verses for this one are:

Romans 5:8 (NIV)

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Matthew 22:39 (NIV)

39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

God demonstrates his love toward us daily. His love is without expectations, it is unconditional, it keeps no record of wrongs. God IS love. So we need to have godly love for each other. Agape love. Agape love gives us identity and purpose. Can you see why it’s my favorite? When I think about a good demonstration of this, I think of John 3:16. Most of you probably know what that verse says. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. God loved us SO MUCH, that he GAVE his Son for us! That is so crazy to me. He had such an intense love for us that he gave the biggest sacrifice he had.. for US. THAT is Agape love. That is true love. Love without expectations. Unconditional love. A choice, NOT A FEELING. God is so amazing, you guys. I just can’t even express that enough. He is sooooooooo wonderful!!!

So I’ll get to wrapping it up soon, but I have one more thing to ask/tell/show you before I end.

I’ve told you all about different types of love. I’ve told you what they mean. I’ve told you how God loves us. And I’ve told you a bit about what we’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. Now…

How do we show love?

That brings me to a verse. This was probably the part of my youth pastor’s message that got me thinking the hardest, and I hope it does for you too.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Now you most likely have heard of 1 Corinthians 13- the love chapter. I know I had before. But I never ever thought about it like this. I probably should have, but I didn’t. THIS TELLS US HOW TO SHOW LOVE, GUYS!

I suggest you read this through a few times. At least two or three times. It’s hard to grasp just reading it once. If we want to be loving, if we want to show God’s love to others, he gives us an easy manual on how to do that. If we want to love, we will not be self-seeking, we won’t be easily angered, we will not boast, be proud, or dishonor others. If we want to love others, we need to protect, trust, hope, and persevere. This would be a really good list to memorize. I know I often wonder how to make people happy, to love them. It’s so simple! The Bible tells us how to right here! So I’ll do what my youth pastor did. I want you to look over it again, and think of a few that you may need to work on. It’s not easy to admit, but there has got to be at least one you could be better with. And ask God to help you with that one thing. Ask him to help you with that struggle, or those struggles, if you have more than one.

My main ones that needed work were patience, keep no record of wrongs, and easily angered. I have never been patient, so I’m working on that. I’m soon going to start reading James 1, a chapter on patience. If you have issues with patience, I would encourage you to read it with me! That would be awesome if we could do that together. And then I’ve had people wrong me- haven’t we all? -and it is hard for me to forget those. They still hurt sometimes, but I’ve been trying to get better about it. I make myself think about the people that I have wronged and how most of them keep no record of that, and I want to be like those people. And then easily angered. Guys, I’m getting worse on that. It’s hard for me to admit, because most people know me as a very happy person….and I usually am. But I can switch to super grumpy really fast. I really need to work on this. It also goes with patience for me, because usually when I’m impatient it leads to anger.

If you tackle your struggles with the Bible, prayer, and consolation with Christians you look up to that can keep you accountable, you will go far!

I’ll end with this:

I know Valentine’s day is past. But that doesn’t mean we can’t show love. Be loving, be like God. God loves you. No matter what you are going through, remember God’s unconditional love for you. You are precious in his eyes. Share that love with others throughout the entire year, as well as on Valentine’s day! Thanks so much for reading, have a great night/day!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Whether you learned a bit about the different kinds of love or became inspired to work on your “loving skills”, I hope God showed you something out of my post! Again, this was almost all information from my amazing youth pastor. I just want to give a thank you to him for teaching me so much in just those two messages.


I believe this quote/picture sums up this whole post:

Image result for love is shaped like a cross quote

Please drop me a comment down below!

How was your Valentine’s day?

Which way to show love on the list in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 do you struggle with? I’d love to pray for you about those things.

Thanks so much for reading!

Dance, Sing, Laugh, Smile, Praise, repeat.

blonde hair, blur, daylight

Hey everyone! I hope this encourages you to praise your Lord! I included the song below because it has to do with the story/poem, so if you want, you can listen to it as you read.

You belong to Jesus! So celebrate because you are HIS! This song always makes me want to get up and dance, even though I stink at it. Don’t be afraid to be you. God loves you. Enjoy!

You are the most beautiful, when you are being yourself.


Stand up

Shake those legs out

Get your heart a pumping

You have no reason to sit around

You have no reason to pout

Your God died for you

He resurrected from the grave

He saved you by his grace

So shout

And sing

Praise his name

Sing hallelujah

Dance because you are his

Smile because he already defeated death

Go crazy because God is your savior

Flip your hair

Leap from place to place

Be nuts and Jump out of bed every morning

Laugh because you know he’s the best

He loves you

You are beautiful to him

And you are his forever

So Feel it!!! Feel it in your mind

Feel it in your heart

Feel it in your bones

Dance all day long

Wear your beautiful smile on your face

Shout his amazing name

Tell the whole world about how wonderful he is

Laugh because God loves your smile

Smile because God is your awesome God

You have every reason to be happy

You have every reason to dance

And sing

You have every reason to smile

And laugh

And praise the awesome name of Jesus

So please don’t cry

Please don’t be sad


Because you are his

And he is yours

You were chosen

You were made specially to be you

God made you unique so you could tell the world about him

He loves you so much

So live for him

Dance for him

Sing for him

Laugh for him

Smile for him

and praise for him

Be happy

Be glad

Be you
Be who he made you to be

Loosen your limbs, dance for him

Move your arms

It doesn’t matter what others think

God loves your praising

God wants to see you smiling

He wants to see you encouraging others

He wants to see you reaching out

He wants to hear your laugh

So be happy






Be crazy

Be insane

If being weird is your way to show how happy you are that Jesus is yours

Then do it

Be yourself

Because God loves yourself

And he loves you like you are

He wants you to feel his love

He wants you to feel his grace

He wants you to feel his happiness

And he wants you to FEEL IT

So feel it in your heart

Feel it in your soul

Feel it in your bones

Feel it on your face

Feel it in your actions

Feel it all over

And let others Feel it when they are around you

And dance because you are his

Sing because you are free

Laugh because God already won the war

Smile because he made you as you are

Praise him because he is God of Gods and Lord of LORDS!

The same God that overcame the world, made you and your beautiful heart

So praise the Lord

And give him the glory

And celebrate, because he is YOURS

Dance, Sing, Laugh, Smile, Praise, repeat.

AAWC #4- Reunite

Hey guys! Here’s my story for AAWC #4! Sorry it’s a little late!

I put in

1 story

3 prompts

1 drawing

so total of

6 points.


  1. “And they rode away in the sunset.”

“What’s a sunset?”

“I don’t know. But my Grandad saw one once.”



  1. “Sorry. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to in ten years.”
This is Komodo when he was younger

The night was cold. It was dark. It was lonely. The night I met him. The night I found my human.

I skidded around the corner, trying to find somewhere out of the wind. Out of the rain. I wanted shelter. I was scared and lonely. As I padded down the cement, I remember suddenly feeling … how would you say… refuge. I felt warmth for the first time in a long time. Nearly 10 years. And I felt dry. I looked up to see a young man, quite a bit older than my boy had been, hovering over me. He had deep, dark eyes, and dark hair. I smelled friendliness on him, and he had a kind look in his eyes. I knew I had found the one.

Now, let me rewind a little bit. If you haven’t figured out yet, I’m Komodo. I’m also a dog. Yes, I am. So why am I writing this? Because I learned how to speak English from my.. As you humans would say, grandmother. Not many of us could speak English, but my grandma had the secret, and she passed it on to me. There was only one time I had let a human know the I could speak it. See, this wasn’t just any human, it was my boy. We had been the best of friends. We were… you might say…connected. He was mine. I was his. We took each other on walks. I let him know my secret. He thought I was the most awesome dog in the world.

Then it happened. Someone’s fingers were snapped and suddenly he was gone. I didn’t know where he had went. I suddenly found myself in the middle of nowhere. No home. No warmth. No shelter. Nothing. I was alone. Bitterly alone for the first time in…forever. Now, here I am, ten years later. And I still remember all those years fending for myself, taking care of myself, only having myself to keep me warm. I was completely independent. Then it changed.

When I found myself under the shelter of another, I was happy. I felt true satisfaction and happiness again. I felt something about this boy, this young man. The one under the umbrella. He was different. He reminded me of my boy. He had strength, I could tell, but it also only took a whiff to tell that he had a good heart. That he was kind and loving. I could tell by how he treated me. I know I was stinky, I know I was dirty, yet he still reached down to pet me. I remember.

He leaned down and smiled at me, the look in his eyes reflecting the ones on my own face. He smiled and rubbed behind my ears. The same place my boy used to rub. I leaned into his leg and he kneeled down, still covering me with his umbrella. Keeping me safe.

Then he walked away. I thought it was over. That comfort, and safeness….gone. Then he turned around. He whistled softly and whispered the words I had wanted to hear for such a long time. “C’mon, boy. Let’s go home.” I remember padding after him all the way back to his place. It was a nice place, but it seemed rather empty. My boy’s house was full of people, especially young children. This one was vacant.

The boy- my new boy- sat down on the couch in their room and sighed. Then he stood up, swiping his hair out of his face, and grabbed a towel from the closet, wiping me dry. He truly cared about me. Then he sat down again, and I hopped up next to him. Then his phone started ringing. I still remember what that looked and sounded like from my boy’s phone.

I could tell by his words and voice that it wasn’t a happy person on the other end. I can understand English better than I can speak it.

“Hey baby. What’s up? Look, I’m sorry about earlier. No, please… we can’t do this now. Can we talk later? No, please…” then his phone came away from his face. I felt bad for him, but I wasn’t close enough to him to talk yet. Then he looked at me, and I smelled sadness coming from him.

“It’s been rough lately, boy.”

I whined, laying my nose on his lap. He looked away and sighed, and I could tell that there was something more bothering him than just his recent talk. He looked back at me, and then down at his lap. I tilted my head at him, asking a silent question.

“You see,” he started, “I’m part of a secret organization. One that works with dogs. I’ve never had a dog before. At least…that’s what my parents told me. But somehow I could always understand them better than other people. I was in an accident. One that took away most of my memory. But one of the things I remembered was my dog. You see, my parents told me I never had a dog. What made it even more crazy was that the dog could talk.”

My ears perked up and I started wondering.

“I know you probably don’t believe me…you probably don’t even know what I’m saying, but I never quite stopped believing that I really had a talking dog. My parents finally mostly convinced me that I’d never had a talking dog, and that while I was in the coma, I must have had a crazy dream. But then the agency found me, and they knew something was different. I still remember a connection with that dog. His name was Komodo. He was the most awesome dog on earth. Even if he was just a dream, I still miss him. You know, you remind me of him.”

I suddenly realized that this was the moment I had been dreaming of for those ten lonesome years. I was finally reunited with my owner. I couldn’t believe I had missed it before! He still had the same eyes, and same look. His voice had changed, but I knew for sure he was mind when he said that Komodo was the most awesome dog on earth. That’s exactly how he used to talk. He had less happiness than I remembered, but he was definitely the same boy.

I jumped off the couch and yipped, bouncing in circles.

“What’s wrong, boy?” he asked, eyeing me strangely.

I’ll admit, I was kind of offended he didn’t recognize me immediately. But then, I was a cute tiny puppy when he had last seen me! I was scared to try and speak his language again, because I hadn’t spoken it for a long time. But I couldn’t remain silent.

“It is you? Brody, it’s me!” I said, trying to be as clear as possible.

Brody’s eyes got big and I saw a familiar smile spread across his face. I couldn’t help but jump on his lap and lick his nose.
“Komodo? Is it really you, boy? I knew you weren’t in my imagination! I knew you were mine!”

I yipped and barked, trying to form more words in my head to say.

“You were gone. Lone I in myself!” I told him.

He looked at me strangely, trying to figure out what I was saying.

“Sorry,” I said, “you’re the first person I’ve spoken to in ten years. I was just so alone without you!” I told him. He wrapped his arms around me, and laughed.
“That’s alright, boy. I’m just glad to know I have a friend now.” he said, looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him

“See, ever since the CSOI hired me- the Canine society of information-, I can’t talk to anyone about my hobbies. Because I love working at the place, but it’s part of a secret development program. You know… you could help us so much, Komodo!!! You could help us know what the dogs are trying to communicate! It would not only help us further the intelligence of dogs and humans, but could quite possibly give CSOI limitless possibilities! It could provide the answers to questions no one has been able to figure out! This could help cure cancer…so to speak. Wow… You are coming with me to work tomorrow.”

Although I only understood about half of what he was meaning, I understood the last part well enough to know that it was not a question. I WAS going to work with him the next day.

He embraced me once more. “Komodo, thanks. Thanks for finding me.”


I padded across the street and into a dark alleyway. If I smelled correctly, I could tell it was the same one that we had been in the night before. Brody looked both ways and then said something quietly to the wall, pushing his hand into it. I tilted my head, unsure of what he was doing. The wall split and opened into a very small, dark room. We stepped inside and he turned around, closing the door. Then he pushed in on another unseen spot on the wall and a screen of glowing numbers popped up. He pressed number 6 and I felt the room shift. Down, over, up, over, and down. Then it stopped and the doors opened once more.

I was shocked as I saw the entire room. It was extremely bright compared to the moving room I had just been in, and I was surprised by the bustling people everywhere. I saw a few people nod their welcome or wave at Brody as we walked in, but most of them just continued with their work. There were small offices stationed throughout the room, and most of the people sitting at their desks were typing on computers, taking calls, or both. Brody nodded toward the right and we walked into a hallway. I peered through the windows and saw men and women taking samples, and mixing combinations of chemicals together. It seemed that everyone had a place to be and a job to do. No one was just sitting around. I liked that.

Then Brody opened another door, and I instantly smelled dogs. This room seemed more relaxed, a little less full of people, and I sensed more friendliness in here. Brody leaned down and whispered to me that this was the department he worked in.

A man from a desk next to him stood up quickly and walked over to Brody, smiling down at me.
“Who’s your friend?” he asked Brody.

I got a smell of friendship that was coming from both of them. It seemed to be rather strong.

“His name is K- Kyle.” then Brody whispered something else to the other guy about talking to him later. The guy looked confused, but didn’t say anything more. I wondered why he had told the boy a fake name.

“Kyle, this is Terrance!” Brody said.

They walked together into another hallway and I knew this is where the dogs were. They all seemed very happy and I could tell they were well taken care of. There were small pups, big pups, and older dogs as well. I heard a conversation between a mom and her pups. It sounded like she was finishing telling them a story.
“And they rode away in the sunset.” the mother said.

“What’s a sunset?” one of the pups inquired.

The mother paused, then answered “I don’t know. But my Grandad saw one once.”

I smiled, glancing from pen to pen and hearing their conversations. Most of them were talking about normal dog topics, treats, food, crazy dogs, and chew toys, but some seemed more caught up in very intelligent conversations. I thought I heard some even speaking Portedogian, which is the language spoken by dogs that live in Portuguese.

Others talked about scientific chemicals used in specific combinations. I’d never heard conversations like this, but these people certainly had a way of finding intelligent dogs.

I smiled up at Brody.

“I really like this, Brody! Thanks for bringing me here.” I said. Then, as I watched his partner’s face turn to shock, I realized I’d made a mistake. Brody smacked a hand over his friend’s mouth, keeping him from saying anything.

“Look, I was going to tell you later. You can’t tell anyone yet, but this is Komodo…the dog I’ve told you about.”

The boy took a deep breath. “B-but…I thought he was fake? Something you imagined?”

“Well… he isn’t.” Brody said.

The guy looked down at me with the biggest toothy grin I think I’d seen before. “Dude, I don’t know what your secret is, but you are awesome, Komodo.”

I smiled and looked up at Brody. I knew I liked this kid.

When God Fights Your Fight

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My feelings are fighting

yelling and screams

I don’t know how to mend

all the torn seams

should I feel happy or sad

or should I stop pouting

should I put it behind me

and forget all the doubting

But it’s hard

because I can’t

the world won’t stop reminding me

of the person I’d made

I am trying to change

but my imprint will not fade

everyone thinks they know me

think that they’ve predicted it

but they don’t know the story

the hurt that’s been hidden

They said it’d be easy

that I could be different

but it’s just not that simple

they don’t know how it hurts

to feel so alone

like your sinking

and gone

In the middle of this big world

you’re only one of millions

You don’t think people care

They never even notice

You’re just a fish in the ocean

a drop in the flood

a pellet in the sand

some dirt in the mud

No one acts like you matter

You’ll always be the same

you can’t ever be different

your identity can’t change

That’s what they say.

That’s what they tell you.

But it’s not true.

God will always love you.

He’ll help you through

when your facing temptations

He’ll be there for you

and when you are sinking

He’ll pull you out

to Him you are special

He has no doubt

that you are his own

You matter to him

and he’ll always notice

how beautiful you are

your uniqueness

your focus

can be on him

and you can live for him

even when it’s not easy

you can serve the Lord

even if you have a reputation

it doesn’t matter what others think

as long as God’s on your side

you’ll never be Alone

When God Fights Your Fight.