My soul cries out

It’s looking, longing for someone to care

for someone to notice this broken soul

these broken pieces that were whole not long ago

how could my life be turned upside-down in such a flash?

Just when i thought it was under control, the world stopped turning and i fell to the ground

does anyone care? my heart aches with fear of what my future holds

I tell myself the answer i think is true.

No one cares.

The reality is crushing…but is it actually the reality?

As I think about it, I realize that it’s not my friends that have left me

that it’s not my God who left me abandoned on the roadside

He’s been with me all the way

I was the one who shoved him to the side, unwilling to give in to a stronger source of life.

my selfishness had overtaken me, and I was sure that I could make it on my own.

sure that I had enough strength

but I don’t. I’ve fallen and I’ll never rise again

i’m stuck in the war zone with nothing but my humanity

i’m flailing in the grip of the cold sea, with nothing to grab a hold of

i’m slowly suffocating in the depths of my doubtfulness

my heart is losing it’s strength to the horrific gnawing anguish of selfishness

my heart’s emptiness is slowly filling with an acid mixture of self-pity.

An acid that’s slowly eating away any other source confidence I had

All that is true. I have no strength. I won’t ever. Not in myself.

God never left me, it was I who strayed from him.

i may never rise on my own, but he can pick me up

i may never survive alone on the battlefield

but with Him on my side, I’ll never surrender

i’m only thrashing in the sea because I let go of the one true anchor that could keep me safe forever.

but he’s still on the ship, his hand waiting for me to grip it whenever I decide to go back to the light

my Lord is still there with me through it all, waiting with open arms for me to come home

no matter how many wrong turns I take, or how many times I stray from Him

he’s still there, and he still cares

he still calls me his child, his creation

his treasure, his love.

and He always accepts me when I decide to come back

when I’ve strayed, I say that it was his fault

but when he knows I’ve strayed, he still calls me his child

I’m an open book, and there are days when I take away his ink,

but when I truly give it over to him, he writes something on my pages that’s unimaginably magnificent compared to the scribbles that i would call beautiful

when i let him write my story, he turns it in to something wonderful

i’m like a tree. when my roots aren’t solid in what’s true, good soil, I’ll die and rot.

but when I have my roots firmly grounded in his true foundations, I can live forever for him, and grow up others with strong roots.

when my life is a picture of scribbles and imperfections, God can turn it into a beautiful masterpiece by simply erasing my problems of the past.

a flower can’t bloom without a sun shining to give it light

if I rely in myself to live a complete peaceful satisfying life, i’ll never get close

i have to give it over to the one who created the universe

the one who cares

the one who loves unconditionally

the one who knows every syllable of my name.

And He can make me into something unimaginable.


That actually didn’t turn out too bad. I believe everything that I said is true.. God is the only source that we can turn to in times of need. I’m not saying that he doesn’t give us godly people in our life to turn to also, but I AM saying that he is always there, and we have to turn to Him. That was nice to write. This was all inspired by Misty (at Stars and Stories). Her writing is so extremely beautiful beyond words. She inspired me to make a post of my own. I hope you enjoyed this.


And remember today that God is your TRUE source of light, and can make your life’s story “Unimaginable”.



The last challenge of CWWC!

Yes I know.

It’s sad, it’s happy.

It’s relieving, it’s depressing

It’s something that makes us cry

But it also makes us sigh.

And as CWWC comes to an end

We must all remember not to forget

That through all that we’ve written

And all we have done

there’s no one so special

as that certain one

The one who has planned it, and cheered us all on,

The one who endured, until it was done.


LOREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAY!


Okay, so on to the LAST challenge! All the teams did awesome, and no matter who won, I’m EXTREMELY glad that I did this challenge, because not only was it fun, but it also helped my writing skills, and helped give me something to post about! THANKS EVERYONE! NOW LET’S DO THIS! πŸ˜‰

Here are the prompts: I used all threee…

Writing Prompt


She pulled herself up off the cold concrete and wiped the snow from her leather jacket. She sighed, pulling up her fur-lined hood. Shivering, she walked down the sidewalk, the snowflakes gathering on her jacket. Her breath puffed out in front of her, as she breathed out. When she breathed back in, the air felt icy in her throat. Alex was an eighteen year old girl with cool blue eyes and a little longer than shoulder length brown hair. Her real name was Alexis, but after her mom left her when she was 14, she wanted to change as much of her identity as she could. She wasn’t the same person inside after that had happened. She was always trying to hide from her past, and the things she’d done. She knew she had made some bad decisions. Alex hardly ever smiled, and always had a serious look on her face, a mask for the sadness that was truly in her.

She made a quick turn to the left into a small convenient store, tired from all the cold. Behind the counter was a young looking girl, about Alex’s age or younger. She was chewing gum as she chilled behind the counter. Alex noted that she was wearing a spaghetti strap tank, not very fitting for a cold winter day like this one. But then, she probably just stayed in this building all day and then went home in her nice little heated car. Alex walked up to the counter and leaned against it, sighing.

“Can I have a hot cup of coffee?” she asked, breathing in the warm air around her.

The girl didn’t look up. “It’s over there.” She pointed to the west side of the room.

Alex looked over there and nodded to the girl. She mumbled her thanks and walked over to the coffeepot sitting on a table. Grabbing a cup from next to it, she poured some into it. When she took a sip of it, she couldn’t help but have a look of disgust come over her face. It was room temperature, almost on the cold side. She went ahead and glugged the rest of it down, deciding that it was better than any of her other options. Then she walked back out the door and headed down the cold sidewalk once more. The snow had stopped for a moment, but there was still enough on the ground that it crunched under her boots.


She walked up to her house, trying not to notice how shaggy looking it was, with the shingles out of place on the top and the peeling white paint all over the actual house. When she opened the door, she couldn’t help but notice the horrible creak that went with it. She didn’t think she could tolerate that much longer. She walked to her broken down car to get some WD-40 when she saw something scrawled in the snow on the windshield.

We should talk” it said. There was a note stuck under the windshield wiper that looked like a parking ticket. Alex frowned at it, knowing she wouldn’t get a parking ticket for parking at her own place. She flipped it over and saw that there was a phone number written on the back. She looked around her, suddenly feeling as if she was being watched and hustled back in the house, not bothering about her creaky door.

She walked into her room and shut the door. pulling her cell phone off of her belt, she glanced at the number again and put it into her contacts. Then she sighed. It was her probation officer’s number. She knew she needed to call him, but what a strange way for him to tell her. She dialed in the number and waited for him to pick up. When he did, he sounded out of breath.

“Alex?” he asked.

“Yep, that’s me.” she said, not bothering to put a lot of respect into her tone.

“Alex, I know you’re not going to want to, but you need to pack up your stuff, and go to that back alley off of 3rd street.”

“What? Why?” She was suddenly more concerned. She hoped this wasn’t about another court date.

“Alex, you have to trust me on this. Please, it’s urgent.”

She opened her mouth to reply but heard beeping on the other end and knew he’d hung up. Although she didn’t particularly like the thought that her probation officer was watching her every move, she trusted him, and hurried to grab some clothes out of her laundry basket, plus some other necessities. She stuffed them into a one strap, blue shoulder bag and slung it over her shoulder, pulling on her black boots and leather jacket once more. The second she walked out the door, she had the nagging feeling return that she was being watched. She hurried down the sidewalk, this time going the opposite way that she had before, glancing behind her every few steps. She didn’t know what he needed to tell her, but it was suspicious to her that he wasn’t meeting her at her house…or at the Police station.


Here she was. At third street. It was actually called Valley street, but everyone called it third street. At least most people did. She quickened her pace asΒ  she neared the alley he had talked about, one she had been in more than she liked to admit. A small black car drove passed her on the road just then and she saw the man in the car looking at her. When she looked over, he looked away from her. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she was starting to get tense. Something wasn’t right. She took a deep breath and kept her gaze ahead of her, pulling her hood farther around her face. As she turned to go into the back alley, she saw the car pull to the right and park. The man hopped out and headed towards her, the driver also getting out.

As soon as she was out of sight from the men, she broke into a sprint, trying to get away. She knew she couldn’t stay in the Valley for very long. She saw a shadow of someone standing by one of the dumpsters and stopped for a split second before realizing that it was Zach, her probation officer. She looked to him for an explanation for all of this.

“What is going -” she was cut off as Zach gripped her arm and shoved her forward. He had spotted the men running towards them. Then he saw one of them pull a gun out of his pocket. Alex took off in a sprint again, with Zach not far behind her. She heard the men’s guns going off, a noise she’d heard too much in her life. The bullets whizzed around her and she felt her adrenaline kicking in as she skidded around the corner. Alex didn’t know what was going on, but she was hoping that they would be able to stay alive long enough for Zach to explain the situation to her. She had a feeling even he didn’t know much, but she suddenly trusted him a little more.


Yay! There you go! Thanks for reading! I’m so glad I did CWWC! IT WAS GREAT!!! Now to see who won…will it be Shire, or will it be Half-blood???? Or will it be one of the other teams, PULLING AHEAD? We’ll have to wait and see…even though we all know that the halfbloods already won Jk. πŸ˜‰ haha!

Bye! have a good night, everyone!


CWWC- Challenge #7

YAY! GO HALFBLOODS!!! If you’re a half-blood, do the chant, and if you’re not a half-blood…do it anyways! πŸ˜‰ haha!


Okay, I’m done. ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER STORY??? ARE YOU??? ALRIGHT!!!! Okay, so here is my story GUYS! AND GIRLS…. *awkward moment* I meant girls, but I say guys when I’m talking to all of y’all… (I don’t ever say y’all, what’s wrong with me… *another awkward pause*)

Did I really just say all that up there to make myself sound so ridiculous and not backspace it? Wow, K.A.Why do we strike things through? It’s like saying we don’t want someone to read it, but that’s also ridiculous because we could of just backspaced it so we obviously did want them to read it…but if so, they why do we not just make it so they can read it without having to look around this silly line… it’s ……. *tries to think of a word other than ridiculous* hypothetically, periodically nonsensically preposterous! I’m done with the big words now. I thought of the first two on my own! πŸ˜‰

SO, onward… (don’t worry, I’ll try not to get so off track in my next posts! XD) this is the second to last CWWC. So sad…but probably better for me, because I just started school today, and I’ll get harder to get my CWWC thingers in on time… I’ll start in on my story now that I have all my ridiculousness out of the way. 😐 πŸ˜‰

HERE ARE THE PROMPTS! We need a lot of points right now, so I’m using all three. although it may not flow that well… Let’s hope it does!! πŸ˜‰

Hmm… that’s… interesting. :/
Love this one.
Yeah… that’s… messed up. XD haha!


I pulled the car into the left lane, and pushed the turn signal lever down, making the blinker come on.

“So then, I just felt Billy nudge me and I woke up to see the teacher staring straight at me!” Little Tommy was saying. I nodded as I turned left and he continued on in his rant. “It was really sad actually because I had been having this great dream that I was like on this slide and everything, with your scooter!” he stopped for a breath.

“I don’t have a scooter.” I told him calmly, without taking my eyes off the road. From the corner of my eye I saw him look at me with an inquisitive expression.

“You don’t? Oh yeah! It was your skateboard! Same difference, they both roll. Anyways, it was this big slide park place, and it was really fun! But I think I was just about to wreck anyways, so it’s probably better that Billy woke me up.” Tommy stopped and looked at me again. “Are you even listening?”

“Yeah, I’m listening. I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now, bud.” I reached across the console and ruffled up his chunky brown hair.

Tommy stopped talking and looked down at his lap. “Why do you have to leave?” he asked, giving me one of his sad/mad looks.

“Because I want to go to college! So I can be smart. But there aren’t many colleges around here that have what I want. The best one is a ways away. But I’ll be back in a month or so! Then we can play together again! But you have other friends you can play ball with at the park while I’m gone! Like Billy, Teddy and Henry!” Their version of playing ball was just tossing it to each other, but it counted for something. I smiled at him, trying to stay happy. I wasn’t any more excited to leave than he was.

He grinned. “I guess…but you still make the best partner.” He looked up at me with his heart-melting brown eyes and I smiled sadly at him as I pulled into the drive. I was going to miss him terribly. He hopped out, forgetting his lunch box, and I grabbed it for him, grinning as I watched him storm into the house.


I sighed, walking to my car as I waved goodbye one last time to my family. Just as I was about to hop in my car, Tommy wrenched his way out of mom’s grip and ran towards me. He ran into my arms and I picked him up to hug him for the fiftieth time. I heard his muffled sobs, and squeezed him again, letting him down.

“Meggy?” he said, between breaths.

I nodded. “Yeah, Bud?”

“When you get back, we can still do our plan…right?” he asked.

I felt bad asking what our plan was, but I couldn’t remember. “Of course silly goose!” I said, deciding that it was probably something he had just made up a few minutes ago.

A smile crept over his face and he stopped crying, and wiped some of his tears away. “Good, because I think the city kids deserve to have rainbow colored hair! We’ll do all the dying when you get back!” he whispered in my ear. Then he walked back over to mom and grabbed her hand with a smile on his chubby four year old face. Then he waved with all the strength he had and I waved back, a tear running down my cheek. I honked twice and saw him giggle as I drove off.


20 minutes later I was at the bus station with my friend I’d picked up on the way there. She’d brought her mom with her to the station so that she could drive the car back to my mom’s place. My friend and I walked into the station and set our bags with the others, as we handed the lady the tickets we had already purchased earlier. As we walked through the bus station, a message came on the overhead screen. “Leave immediately.” Just then, a loud screeching noise started going off outside the building. I’d never heard one before in real life, but I knew exactly what it was. The over hanging screen refreshed. “Head to the restrooms, by hall nine. Get into the tornado shelter.”Β  The wind outside was now so strong and loud that you could hear it easily from inside the buildings. People from outside were bustling in the doors to take shelter with us. Every time someone opened the doors to come in, debris and branches were blown in the building.Β  I hurried over to the large TV screen to see what cities the tornado had hit so far. As I looked over the list of names, I gasped, tears gathering in my eyes. It had already hit Centerville. My family had already been through the tornado.


YAY! I’m done. Sooo, if you want to see what my first day of school was like (BORING, I know.) You can head over to Cuddly Critters Blog, because I’m about to make a post there about it! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading, and I’ll SEE YOU LATER! πŸ˜‰ More like talk to you later…or type to you later..or comment to you later. Here we go again with the strike out stuffΒ Β Β Β  this is getting tiring.



GO HALF-BLOODS!!! I used all three prompts! πŸ˜‰

I felt the world spin around me, my head felt like a boulder was on top of it and the rest of my body had no feeling to it. Everything blurred around me and I felt someone’s arms under me. I felt aware, yet I couldn’t speak or move. The smoke was still heavy around me and whoever was carrying me seemed to be trying to rush out of it. Suddenly, the intense waves of heat and movement were too much, and the darkness overtook me, stealing me back into unconsciousness.

I awoke again, this time finding myself able to open my eyes, and move. The pain from my burns was only mainly in my hands. I groaned as I tried to pull myself up to a sitting position to lean against the tree behind me. My senses still seemed numbed, but when I blinked a few times, everything got clearer. In front of me was another person with a black hoodie and a quiver full of arrows on his back. Under the hood was dark, shadowing the person’s face, so I couldn’t see who it was. I saw that they were sharpening a dagger that’s scabbard was now empty.

“I didn’t want you to find me yet.” the boy sitting over on the log said, without looked up.

I jumped, startled that they knew I was awake. The voice sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. If only I could see their face…

“But.. I didn’t really have much of a choice.” He continued. Just then, the person lifted their head and gazed at me- right into my eyes. I immediately knew who it was. Tears sprung to my eyes and in an instant I was on my feet and my arms wrapped around my brother tightly. It had been years since I’d last seen him, but I couldn’t help but recognize his deep brown eyes, and that sideways grin of his.

I pulled away from him and sat down on the log.”How’d you find me?” It was the first question that popped into my mind.

“The forest fire found me. I was trying to get away when I came across you, unconscious, with the fire already half upon you. I grabbed you and hurried away, then bandaged your wound. Sometime when I have more time to hear it, you’ll have to tell me the story that goes with that.” He grinned again and winked, running his thick fingers through his messy brown hair. Then his face got serious. “They’re not far behind us you know.” he added.

I nodded, then thought of something else. “Did you really think the “don’t go in the woods” sign would work?”

He smiled. “I knew it would keep the others away for a while..but you’ve always been too mischievous. What’s the harm anyways, I was getting kind of lonely. But that wasn’t very smart of you to try and follow me. You should have known better.”

I grinned at him and shrugged. “You’re my brother, you should have known I wasn’t smart. You haven’t been gone that long! Anyways, you can always count on that staying the same. And then, you never finished teaching me my archery lessons!” I reminded him.

“Oh yeah! You’re right, I didn-”

He was cut off by a loud hissing noise, then he let out a yell and fell to the ground.

Eli!” I screamed. I knelt down on the ground next to him and choked out a sob when I saw the puddle of blood gathering by him.


DA DA DAAAAAAA!!!!! The end. They both died. No, just kidding! This wasn’t that good of writing, buuuut…yeah. Not too realistic. A lot that I didn’t explain, such as why he left, who they are, why she followed him, why he didn’t want her to, why there was a forest fire, why she was unconscious before the fire, and WHY THEY HAVE PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL THEM! Yeah… πŸ˜‰ haha! I don’t know if I’ll to a part two or not! πŸ˜‰ You’ll have to wait and see I guess. There you go though! YAY! GO TEAM HALF-BLOOD! Also, I hope the prompts were obvious and flowed alright.. I didn’t have as much time (over a week) to make this how I would have liked to, but I guess it was alright. THANKS FOR READING AS ALWAYS!


CWWC|Challenge #5-

And onto the next writing challenge! To those of you that I told I might be continuing a series of what I started in CWWC- Challenge One, I now will tell you that PROBABLY won’t happen….because…. *drumroll* I”M HOPING TO MAKE IT INTO A BOOK! YAY! I came up with how the rest of the book could work (maybe I’ll give you a sneak peek sometime! ;)) so I’d rather just make it into a book and then you could see it once it was published. I like how it’s coming so far, and I would rather not show you guys till it’s done… soo you’ll just have to wait. BUT, onto THIS story, because this is challenge FIVE not challenge ONE. Sooooo…. Team Half-blood is doing good, we have 117 points, and Shire is ahead…BUT NOT FOR LONG!!! Right, Half-blood TEAMMATES??? RIGHT! So, ONWARD!!!!

I shall use all three prompts. (btw, great choice Loren, they’re very intriguing.)

Here they are:


Gooood prompt!!!
Execution of the butterfly
Kinda strange…
rainydaysandblankets: β€œ And Then You // Greg Laswell ”
I like this one, I can even picture how they would say it. πŸ˜‰ Haha!

He looked around him, observing the wonderful view. He had seen it throughout his entire life, but the beauty still took his breath away every time he came up here, which had been quite often, recently. He always came up here to think. The towering rock invited him to walk farther, and he did, coming closer to the cliff’s edge. When he was young his father would tell him not to go so close to the edge, lest he fall.. but he only went farther when they said that. He now just stood in the middle of the large rock, not as adventurous as he was when he was young. With his father dead, and his role as the new King becoming more important, he was starting to doubt whether he was capable of such a job. His father had done so good with it, and all the people loved him much more than any of the other kings. When he died so suddenly, he left the royal seat to his son, who was only 30 years old, young for a king in the Kingdom of Gerantelle. Everybody expected him to be just like his father, the king they loved. They didn’t realize how much pressure that was for someone that would rather just settle down and have a family. He sighed.

“Your majesty?”

King Terrowin turned around to see Sir Merek, a friend of his that was now a commander to one of his armies, kneeling on the ground. The king took a quick step forward, his red cloak spreading behind him and waving in the wind as he approached his friend.

“Merek! My dear friend. What brings you to Mount Hampton?” he inquired, wondering if his friend had seen his intent countenance only moments ago.

Merek rose up off the ground and swiped the dust from his deerskin shirt, looking at the king. “I have come to inquire of your decisions on what we have decided to do for … well, you know.” he trailed off.

“Yes, yes.” King Terrowin replied back. He hesitated, remembering that that was why he had first come up here; to figure out whether it would be a wise idea to plan an ambush on the Tylrotians (the Gerantalian word for deceivers), or to stay and defend the castle from them. News had been getting around about them attacking multiple villages around the area. He knew the people looked to him for protection. He trailed slowly down the rock, and motioned for Sir Merek to follow him. They walked together down through the trees separating him from what was once his father’s castle. As he came to the castle, he paused, gazing upon the village children peering over the fence into his gardens. They would stand there and watch his knights-in-training as they had their fencing practice each day. Merek stood and patiently waited for the King to voice his decision.

“Merek…do you see those children there?” he asked.

Merek nodded. “Yes, I see them every day as I go about watching the fencing lessons. Might I ask why you inquire of that?”

“I’m the King. You know that. I’m here to protect the people- my people. That includes the next generation. The children that grow up to be strong Knights of Gerantelle. I think it is necessary that we send out some of our strong knights to find the Tylrotians. We must stop them somehow, and I don’t think the way to do that is sitting around defending our castle. They don’t yet seem brave enough to attack the castle itself, so I think if we leave some knights and guards back, we’ll be fine. But if we let them lay, without ambushing them, then they will only persist until they have gathered enough troops to attack the castle. I would like you to go through your best men, and choose … around 70 men. They will ride out tomorrow evening at sunset. You can send a spy out tonight or in the morning to make sure the Tylrotians are where you believe they are. The rest I leave up to you, Sir Merek.”

“Yes, King Terrowin. I will go immediately.” He nodded and opened the gate to the castle yard. He started to walk away but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned around.

“May the good Lord be with you. God speed, my friend.” King Terrowin told him. Merek nodded once more and walked away, his head held high.

I wish I could have that kind of confidence. King Terrowin told himself. He knew Merek would have made a much better king. When King Terrowin was young, his father was always off on long journeys or busy with work in the castle. His father was good friends with Merek, even though Merek was quite a bit younger, and he assigned Merek as King Terrowin’s guard. He had also acted as his instructor when he was small, and had taught him how to fence, although he had recently stopped his fencing classes, as he had other things he told the King he thought he would be better suited for. Merek was only about 13 years older than King Terrowin, and had become a knight when he was only 17. King Terrowin sighed and walked into the castle.


Sir Merrek walked out of the castle and over to the men that were saddling their horses. Walking into the barn, he looked around at what horses were still left. He walked to the third stall on the left and slid the latch over, grabbing the bridle that hung on the gate. He didn’t bother to halter his horse first, but simply bridled him and led him out of the stall. He rode a sturdy mare named Aphrodite, but they called her Dite. Not many of the knights rode mares, because some believed them to be more fragile and not as enduring, but that wasn’t the case with Aphrodite. Merek walked her out of the barn and grabbed a brush, making a few long sweeps before deciding it was good. He swung the saddle onto her back. He had told the other knights not to put on full body armor on the horses, because this was an ambush, and they didn’t want to be heard, plus most of it would be done on foot, they just needed the horses so they could get there quicker, and didn’t want armor making them slower.Β  Then he cinched it down and made sure his bridle was the right length. He swung into his saddle and the rest of the knights followed in unison into their saddles. Then he took off into the trees with the rest of the knights following them. They had sent out someone that morning to check to see if they were still in the place that Merek thought they would be. They were.


They made it there in good time. Merek held up a hand in signal for them to stop. Then he climbed off his horse and led it down into a draw, tying it to a tree there. The rest of the knights followed his suit and did the same. Then he looked at them, making sure they remembered the plan, and grabbed Sir Stephon, and a couple other knights. Stephon was a newly knighted student. Merek had chosen him because he knew that he was extremely quiet when he walked, and he needed someone like that to go with him. They had a signal planned to have the others come when the needed help. But for now they only had the four of them. He crept up behind a large bush next to the area and listened to the people he could tell were just on the other side of it. It was almost dark now, so they had a campfire going, obviously not too scared of being found. Merek peered under the bush and could make out only about 4 clear figures. He had been guessing there would be nearly 50-100 men there, judging from what the spy had told him earlier. They must have been at a different camp, or had headed off without these four on another mission. He could tell why. Three of them seemed half drunk with silliness, but the other one looked like he was contemplating something, just sitting in a chair, not moving. Unless he was a captive of theirs or something. Merek decided they needed to make their move and he nodded to his other knights with him, holding up a finger, then two, then three. They moved up on the men, drawing their swords. The three men were caught off guard, but the fourth drew a long knife from a scabbard on his side and lunged toward Merek, trying to stab him in the stomach. Merek barely jumped out of the way, and the man stood back and watched him closely, trying to decide where to go for next. Merek didn’t want to kill if he didn’t have to, for he wanted a captive to bring back so that they could figure out who and where the rest of the Tylrotians were.

Just as the person was about to make another slice, one of the men that had come with Merek crept behind him and hit him on the head with the hilt of his sword. The man crumpled to the ground. Merek looked around and saw the the other three men had either surrendered, or were killed. Merek walked to the man who had tried to stab him with the small knife and rolled him over with his foot, making sure he was unconscious. Then, sure that he was, Merek grabbed the knife from him and handed it to another of the knights with him. It was dark, so he couldn’t make out much of the person’s figure, but he didn’t look very old, maybe early twenties at the most. Merek had the others put the fire out, and he heaved the man up and over his shoulder with a grunt. Then he walked to his mare and laid the person over the back of his horse. He had to loosen his saddle and move it up some to have enough room for the person not to fall off. Then he took his straps from back there and tied the person on. The rest of his crew showed up shortly after, and figured out how to bring the other captive back with them. Then they headed back to the castle.


King Terrowin heard a knock on his door.

“Come in!” he said impatiently. He wasn’t having a very good time trying to figure out his plans.

“King Terrowin! You’ve been summoned to the prisons by Sir Merek. They’ve brought back a captive.” The servant was out of breath, and had obviously been hurrying around to get up to where King Terrowin was.

“I’ll be right there.” he replied, jumping out of his chair.

He approached the prison cell that Merek was outside of and walked up to him.

“So, I hear you’ve brought one back?” King Terrowin asked. “Tell me about him.”

Merek took a deep breath. “He doesn’t appear to be a knight. I have suspicions of him being a spy.. He doesn’t seem older than mid-twenties either, but I haven’t seen him in the light. He’s still unconscious from a blow to the head, but I believe he’ll be awake soon. I suggest we bring him into the questioning room before he awakens. He’s quite the scoundrel when it comes to getting away from people.

King Terrowin nodded, then looked into the cell when he heard a groan from inside.

Merek’s gaze darted to the cell too and he tilted his head. “Or not…”

Merek motioned for one of the guards to come over and got the key from him. As he opened the door, the candlelight caught the prisoner’s face, and King Terrowin saw that his hands were tied and he had a blind fold on. The king heard Merek getting the person up, and he headed towards the questioning room to wait for them to get there.


Sir Merek stared at the man, finally seeing him in the light. He looked much different than he had imagined, and looked only about 18 now. The guard stood next to him to make sure he didn’t try to pull anything off.

“So..” King Terrowin started, talking to the young man, his blindfold still on. “Tell me, where did your people go? Where were they when you were at the fire a few hours ago?”

The boy stayed in the same position, not about to say anything. King Terrowin shot a glance at Merek.

“How many ambushes have you been a part of with your group?” Merek asked this time, trying to give a threatening tone.

The boy was still quiet, but from his side of the room, they heard a scratching noise, like something rubbing on the wall. Merek’s eyes got large as huge skeletons of wings formed from the boy’s back, spreading out next to him. Merek wondered how he hadn’t noticed this before. They looked like only the skeleton of the wings remained, and looked more like branches spread from a tree. It gave the person an entirely different appearance. The guard next to him stared in shock at the boy, and backed a couple steps away. King Terrowin just stared, but looked thoughtful. He nodded to Merek.

“Take the blindfold off.” King Terrowin commanded the guard. Merek sent a look towards him. Why would he want to do that? The guard looked at Merek and Merek nodded. The guard reached over and pulled the blindfold off. The boy didn’t move his head, but his eyes were already open. They had a grayish/black tint to them, a color-a darkness that sent shivers down your spine.

“So. Boy. What is your name?” Merek asked, taking a couple steps closer to him. The boy looked up for the first time and made eye contact with Merek, sending shivers down his spine. This wasn’t just any normal person, especially a normal boy.

“My name is Vicar Tristian.” he replied in a low, quiet voice.

“And what are you exactly, Vicar? A knight, a spy, a guard?”

Vicar paused, keeping his eye contact with Merek. His eyebrows lowered and hate filled his eyes. “I don’t know.” he said quietly.

“What do mean you don’t know? You’re with the Tylrotians you ALL have a ROLE TO PLAY! Now stop stuttering and TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE!?” Merek raised his voice, shouting in the room. The boy didn’t even flinch.

“I’m whatever they make me. If they make me be a spy, I’m a spy. If they tell me to be a guard I’m a guard. I have no choice! If they tell me to kill, then I SHED BLOOD! I do what they make me!” His voice boomed throughout the small room.

“Soo..” Merek paused. “There’s knights, guards and spies…and then there’s you… who doesn’t really do just one thing.” Merek pondered that for a while. “Good enough. I’ll question you more tomorrow. Guard, bring him back to his cell.”

The boy scowled and the guard nodded as he grabbed the boys arms behind his back and shoved him forward. Just as they were almost out of the room, Merek stopped them.

“Oh, one more thing Vicar. How did you get those… ” Merek hesitated, uncertain what to call the skeletonlike wings on the boys back. They almost looked like they had been stripped of their ‘skins’ so that he couldn’t use them anymore. He’d never seen anything like them, and felt an unusual amount of curiosity about them.

Vicar looked back at him. “I was born with them normal. The Tylrotians did the rest.”

Then he was brought out of the room. Merek sighed. This kid was different, but he felt a nagging feeling to help him. Surely there was some good left inside him, and some way to get it back.


There you go! I didn’t get as far into it as I was wanting to, but then do I ever get as far as I want to? Nope. XD πŸ˜‰ Also, I didn’t do very good describing the characters and how they looked and stuff. I need to work on showing not telling as well…anyways, I had to get it in by tonight though and I REALLY want a nap before chores, (because I’m that kind of a lazy person! XD ;)) and then we are going somewhere to play music with friends tonight and worship!! It’s so much fun. Anyways, GO HALF-BLOOD! I gotta go! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this! I used ALLL THREE PROMPTS YAY!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOO! Okay, here you go.




CWWC- Challenge 4!

Hello everyone!! I’m back for a bit! Sorry about making two posts in one day, I don’t usually like doing that, but here is my entry! GO TEAM HALF-BLOOD! Loren, I used all three prompts! πŸ™‚ Here’s your story, guys!

writing prompt

I walk into the room, expecting to see her paint and paint brushes scattered around the floor. I hadn’t known this girl for long, but I had the feeling that whatever she did she had fun at it. Whenever I made artwork, I felt as if it was only a job. When people told me I was good at it, I thanked them, but I never really felt good about my work. It was only what I did to get by. I knew this girl was good, and even when she messed up on something, she still had fun with it. When people told her that her artwork was good, she would come back and say that if it wasn’t for her co-art people she wouldn’t be that good, and that God gave her the gift. I think if there is a God, then he gave her the gift. But I’ve never quite believed in God. As I walk over to the corner of the room she’s started painting, I see that she has everything in a neat order along the wall. I’m taken back by the beauty in the corner she’s started. It’s not much, yet it is so magnificent. She stands on a tall stool, quietly stroking her paintbrush back and forth, sketching out the black color while humming a soothing tune.

I peek around her for a better look and see that she’s switched brushes, now with a little one, drawing the outline of a planet, Mars by the color and shape of it. I never knew she was interested in space. Just by the few planets and galaxies she’d drawn so far, I can tell she is, and that she’s good at making it realistic. I hate to tear her out of her daydream, but I suddenly remember why I came in, tapping her on the shoulder. She stops humming and turns around.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t see you there, Jenny!” she says, her dark brown eyes blinking rapidly.

I chuckle, seeing a bit of paint on her face that she had probably gotten there while trying to wipe her hair out of her eyes. “You have a call from a Mrs. Portamally or something like that…? You’re supposed to call her back.”

“Oh yes!!” she squeals with delight, hastily grabbing the sticky note I hand her with the number scribbled on it, and walks into another room as she pulls her phone out of her pocket. I step up on the stool to get a closer look at the planets and squint, seeing something that doesn’t fit, sitting on the top of a planet. At first I thought it was a fly on the wall, but looking closer, I see that it was painted on. When I look closer, I realize it’s a person, with her brown hair in the breeze stretched out behind her. She has her head tilted up towards the sky, and is resting her hands on the planet she’s sitting on, which happens to be Saturn. When I look even closer, I can see the tiny detail of what seems to be a paintbrush in her mouth, a bit of red paint on it. I realize that she made this of herself. It’s so small, yet so detailed and beautiful, as beautiful as she really is.

When she came in this room with her supplies, she never spoke, or made a sound, but I should have known that she was about to make a masterpiece. I hadn’t realized she had that kind of talent inside of her. I wished I had an actual talent to do that. A kind that I loved to do. She walks back into the room and I step off of the stool, fumbling for a way to tell her how much I like it. I settle with the simplest but clearest thing possible.

“That’s amazing..” I say, my eyes still fixed on the little bit she’s done so far.

She smiles shyly, and swipes her brown hair out of her face once more. “Thanks.” She mumbles under her breath. “I still want to do the rest of the room… do you want to help me?”

I hesitate. There are a lot of other things I could be doing… but it almost sounded like fun. Whenever I was around Lizzie, I had fun, so surely this would be slightly fun if I could do something with her. I had a long day so far, and I think I deserve the time off.

“You don’t have to.. I just thought since it was lunch break and everything…” she stops…

I nod, “yeah! I’d like to help if you want me to! It won’t be nearly as great as yours, but I can try!”

“Are you kidding me!?” she laughs, “It will be so much better than mine! You are an amazing artist!”

“Yeah, maybe…” I say awkwardly, “but look at those details! How can you make such a tiny perfect person! It looks exactly like you! Exactly as pretty too…” The last words came out almost by accident, but it was true.

She looks over at me with wide eyes and smiles sadly. “I’m not pretty. Not nearly as much as you.”

I am quite taken back by this, because my entire life I’ve thought how ugly I am. “Nooo…not really. I’m not pretty at all! Do I need to make you a cake saying “YOU ARE PRETTY” on it to prove it to you?”

We both laugh.

“No, that’s quite alright. I’ll take it as you said it I suppose. You are pretty thought…And if you’re going to help me with this, you have to sit on one of the planets too…which is your favorite?” she asks, in her usual happy manner.

“I don’t know, to be honest with you. I never really had to pick one… Probably Pluto though..because it’s small like me.” I decide.

She smiles. “Yeah, I can see that! It’s small for a planet, and even though a lot of people don’t act like it’s really a planet, it’ll always be a planet to me. And it’s still is huge, just not for a planet.”

I blink a few times, trying to figure out what she meant by that and if it had anything to do with me. Then I just ask where another stool is.


After helping for a few hours, I realized our lunch break was far over. But I didn’t feel like stopping. For the first time, I felt like I was free with my art. It didn’t have to be absolutely perfect, because we weren’t selling it, we were just decorating a room how we wanted it! I got upset the first few times I made a mistake, but Lizzie always told me it was no big deal and when we kept going, it usually wasn’t even that noticeable. She reminded me that even though planets and space are so amazing, they still have imperfections an craters, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. I realize now that people can be like that too. And now, after Lizzie started working with me, she’s taught me how to have fun with everything I do, and turn it into a lesson, no matter how common of a thing it may seem, there’s always something to learn from it. Even if that lesson is just how to have fun doing anything.

I thought of the wall as a masterpiece that she must have worked hard at, but now I realize that to her it wasn’t hard work doing that. It was her time off. She enjoyed every bit of her art, and it was a fun craft to her, not a masterpiece. I want to be like that. Like her. And even if we never finish that room, I don’t really care, because I had fun doing the part of it that I did, and I love what was complete of it. And whenever I am not having a good day, I’ll just go over to Saturn and Pluto and look at the painting of Lizzie and I sitting on ‘our’ planets and smile because we’re friends, and that won’t ever change.

I stop daydreaming as I realize Lizzie is talking to me, and I turn around and look at her.

“Hey Jenny, have you ever thought about who created all of the planets and stars out there…?” she asks. I smile, knowing this will be a long but good conversation, that I think I’m ready for.


THE END! Did you like it? I hope so! It kinda dragged on, and didn’t really make a whole lot of sense..but I hope you enjoyed it! πŸ˜‰ YAY! THREE POINTS FOR HALF-BLOOD! YAY!!! Thanks for reading, if you did!!! πŸ™‚

Hey, also I kind of stole a little of this from Allison’s amazing story, so if you can check it out HERE at the bottom of the page, it’s REALLY good…but I kinda made mine like it, so I’ll give her the credit for that! You should really go read it, and the others above it! They just might give YOU some inspiration to write too!!! πŸ˜‰


Quick note – It is raining right now, so I wrote something about rain. Enjoy!-


If you think about it, God can use rain to describe Himself and how magnificent He is.

Rain can pour. Rain can sprinkle.

Rain can come in all different forms. If it rains hard, it can form hail. If it rains when it’s cold, we call is snow. Rain can be big drops. Rain can come in small drops.

Rain makes tiny puddles. Rain creates huge floods. Little kids love to splash in puddles, but a flood can wipe out cities.

Rain does many things. It fills up rain gauges, it waters crops. It keeps farmers from swathing, and creates moldy hay. Rain can be beautiful, rain can be harmful. But rain always comes with a purpose.

When it rains, we can feel it’s cooling touch.

We can hear it’s gentle roar

We can smell it’s calming presence

We can taste it’s refreshing flow

We can see it’s beautiful nature.

It can heal, it can destroy. It comes and it goes.

This is how we know the power of the rain.

And this is God’s demonstration to us.